Bruce Katz: City Limits


Unexpected Landscapes of New York City.

"I've always just loved to explore the city, especially the shorelines of New York City and the outer boroughs. The project started in late fall of 2003 out at the Rockaways, when I was wandering around in Riis Park. I came across a collection of sand piles and berms that had been created in order to prevent beach erosion. There was a mysterious and ethereal quality to the landscape--the antithesis of traditional urban New York landscapes. The combination of those elements resonated with me, and I decided to explore unexpected landscapes within the confines of New York City.

Presented here are the shifting sands that take form and then disappear into the surf at Riis Park in Queens; floodwaters at Orchard Beach's parking lot in the Bronx; oil stains and standing water mix on an abandoned runway in Brooklyn; canine and human footprints vanish on a berm on Staten Island's South Beach - images that are testament to the transient and mysterious borders of New York City." - Bruce Katz

The prints have to be seen in person so I'll update this entry when Bruce has a show.

Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn #1 © Bruce Katz

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