Word in from (previously featured) Brian Shumway. "I covered Hurricane Sandy for People Magazine, shooting in Breezy Point, Queens and Coney Island."

Great work - thanks Brian!





All images © Brian Shumway


In the thick of some of the world's most severe 'austerity measures,' families struggle to get by in Greece. Christos Kapatos is recording his parent's additional strain. 

With his background in cinema, Christos is also working on a series of "cinematic images about the existential quest of the 20-40 year old people under the latest economic crisis hitting Europe and Greece in particular, to be exhibited in Greece and abroad in 2013-2014."


Couple in Venice, © Michael Weschler

At the ASMP NY Fine Art Portfolio Review last week I was thrilled to see both familiar and new faces, and (mostly) new work. Michael Weschler is a name I recognize from my editorial licensing days, he was one of those golden photographers who were signed to the premiere agency, Outline. 

Michael presented a body of work exploring "Redefining Men," just simply challenging male stereotypes. The series includes celebrity portraits as well as regular people. I, of course, adore these romantic holiday-makers. What's Italian for 'buff'?


© Evžen Sobek

Does this sheep not have a knowing look? Thanks to Evžen Sobek for confirming what I, and the Housemartins, have always known...


I met Boston-based photographer Lou Jones at Fotofusion in West Palm Beach, Florida, last year. He is a soft-spoken sweetheart of a man with a most fascinating and prolific history, not least of all having photographed 12 consecutive Olympics. Lou's website can tell you more. I fell for his images of dancers and he kindly agreed to let me choose some. 




All images © Lou Jones


From the series "And I" © George Holroyd

A diary of images "made in collaboration with the artist's most faithful companion, a progressive neurological disorder known as Essential Tremor."


"Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor, a progressive neurological disorder which can cause debilitating tremors and loss of coordination, when the symptoms that I have had since adolescence eventually worsened to the point that I began experiencing difficulty in performing simple everyday tasks."


"The series, 'And I,' is a diary; a collection of glances which illustrate a reality distorted by frustration, embarrassment, and a growing sense of social isolation. It serves as a visualization of the impact that Essential Tremor has on me and my closest relationships as I continue to come to terms with the new realities that I am presented with."



All images © George Holroyd

Untitled No. 12 (from the series Impulses, 2012 © Tara Sellios

In her unsettling yet beautiful work, Tara Sellios creates images that "articulate the totality of existence, focusing heavily on the broad themes of life and death." Sellios works with large format film and produces sketches in advance that are themselves works of art. 

This young artist (b. Boston, 1987) says "Death has always possessed a significant presence within the history of art, ranging from altarpieces to the work of the Dutch still life painters. Manifesting melancholic themes with beauty and precision, as these artists did, results in an image that is seductive, forcing the viewer to look, despite its apparent grotesque and morbid nature. Through these images, I aspire to make apparent the restlessness of a life that is knowingly so temporary and vulnerable."

View the full-screen magazine photo feature (NSFL - not safe for lunch)

Conrado Sarid-Maletah -Una-mujer-que-habla-consigo-misma.jpg

[241 3205 825 81221 364097+210 1200 120 00010 011100= A woman who talks to herself]

Pure, simple enjoyment from Conrado Sarid-Maletah - part of a project he did two years ago in Mount Carmel, Israel. I dare you to not enjoy this series. Conrado is a talented artist, check his website for some interesting work in different media.

Perhaps you may try to work out what the cryptic captions are all about....

Conrado Sarid-Maletah es-la-mujer-que-escapa.jpg

[59 21 31058 715 593161+ 01 10 12001 120 010010= This is the woman who escapes.]

Conrado Sarid-Maletah llamadora-de-espiritus.jpg

[221314581 45 59698019+ 110100110 00 011010121= the caller of spirits]

Conrado Sarid-Maletah Una-mujer-que-baila,-que-mueve-su-cuerpo-al-compaz-de-las-olas-de-cierto-mar.jpg

[241 3205 825 21921+210 1200 120 00010= A woman dances, she moves her body to the beat of the waves of some sea]

Conrado Sarid-Maletah Una-mujer-que-rie-a-las-nubes-de-azucar.jpg

[241 3205 825 995 1 210 42250+210 1200 120 100 0 101 12001= She is a woman who laughs at sugar clouds]


'The Rooms' is a personal project from New Yorker Jason Homa. In it Jason "...explores the meeting spaces of Alcoholics Anonymous, without any people in them. It seeks to show the diversity of its members through the spaces but also to unify them with a common spiritual element."


I knew next-to-nothing about AA. Now I know their meetings mostly take place in churches, and that there's no saving of seats.






All images © Jason Homa


Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, after Superstorm Sandy © Michael Massaia

"I tried in every way possible to visually/graphically make the environment come to life in its most lifeless moments." 

'Afterlife - New Jersey Shore' is a seven-year project that Michael Massaia has basically brought to an end since Sandy devastated the area. You can read an interview with Michael on the North Jersey news website, or hear his dulcet tones and watch him work below.

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