Krushchev.jpgMrs Karsh told me today that despite 45 years believing otherwise, she has learned that Chairman Khrushchev's coat is made from lynx. And thus another chance to run this photo presents itself!

Nikita Khrushchev, 1963 © Yousuf Karsh

This landed in my inbox from Niels and I really enjoyed the colours on an otherwise dull day - perhaps not what one might expect from a shoot at a tyre factory. It's always good to see what Niels is up to so subscribe to his Photo of the Month newsletter. I'm getting spell-check underlines, it must be tire in American. Sometimes, no matter how long you've been here, you just forget.

Tyre factory, Bogota, Colombia © Niels Van Iperen


The artist reception at Aperture Foundation tonight, March 11, is for Australian photographer Michael Corridore whose show "Angry Black Snake" is opening. Corridore photographs public events in such a manner as to make the viewer question what they are seeing - drag race or apocalypse?

More on Michael Corridore from aCurator soon; in the meantime see his work online at Aperture or visit the show and then buy a limited edition print.

Untitled, 2006 from Angry Black Snake © Michael Corridore, courtesy Aperture Foundation

Sleuth of the week is Mike O'Shea who found this blog and guessed it was mine. I worked with Mike at ZOOZOOM magazine when he shot several features as well as a large number of live shows during fashion week. He worked like a trooper at Bryant Park amongst the madness that is the runway photographer pool, but his quiet studio portrait and location work is a more appropriate reflection of the man.


In 1995 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 struck the city of Kobe and its vicinity. Ryuji Miyamoto's photographs show Kobe as it was just after the earthquake - buildings suspended in time before being demolished are visibly straining, buckled and warped. On view from March 9th, 2010 at Amador Gallery in New York's midtown.

Ryuji Miyamoto - Mitsui Trust and Banking Building, San-no-miya, Chou-ku 1995. Gelatin Silver Print, courtesy of Amador Gallery

A girlfriend of mine sent me a text message that read "Hissy fit from boss then apology. I feel like Tina Turner, not in a sexy leggy way"

Ike and Tina Turner, 1975 © Michael Putland

I am this happy to announce my working relationship with St Louis, Missouri photographer Mark Katzman. If I have to label him, Mark is an advertising and lifestyle photographer with a huge love of photography and its processes. Constantly working on commercial and personal work, his website includes not just his Jack Daniel's ads and editorial commissions but also a lovely selection of his wet plate collodion images. Go for a quick look, stay for half an hour!

The new Mark Katzman blog is live. Mark also manages the Art of the Photogravure website, and is a member of FK Stock.

Creek © Mark Katzman


Opening March 18th is a new exhibition by Eric Ogden. Eric has put together "a collection of new and selected work from my career (personal & assignment work) that is unified by one vision." He goes on to say "I have been for years recreating... a mythical version of my youth. As years pass, fact increasingly blends with fiction, memories and personal myths turn in on themselves, and you ask yourself: is the truth what events you can recall, or the feelings you have about something, even if it never happened?"

Eric's nostalgic photographs will be at Hous Projects through May 8th.

Alexander Haig was a US army general who served under Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.
On a side note, Mr Haig was the recent winner of the Largest Number of Press Prints in the Karsh Archive competition. 

Alexander Haig, 1982 © Yousuf Karsh

Police across the UK are attempting to limit photography in public places under the auspices of the Terrorism Act. Watch how an amateur photographer who knows his rights is treated by his local coppers. 

The Police © Janette Beckman

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