Mike and Sheila Forbes, Mill of Menie.

"I’ve stayed here for 43 year, if I didn’t like the place I wouldn’t have stayed so long. Ma history is doon here.  All ma relations come fae roon aboot here & there’s nothing mare magical than Menie.  The wildlife is just ootside ma door, or was till Trump came on the go. When the diggers are all working you dinna see the wildlife but since the diggers are gone for the Christmas holiday the wildlife is back.  The media’s been camping on ma doorstep since 2006 but there’s only certain media that prints the truth. All I want is to be left in peace the same as all the locals.  The only good thing this situation has ever done for Menie is brought all the locals together!"  Mike Forbes

"Menie is unique. I’ve seen the Northern Lights from my doorstep.  I’ve seen them every so often oot the back where we keep the hens, geese n horse. I stop for a while to look then get back to whatever needs done.  Farr will we get another hame in a location like this? Naewhere round here is as amazing. I’ve stayed out the spotlight since this all kicked off.  I just want to get on wi it wi nae hassle."  Sheila Forbes