Moira Milne, Hermit Point. 

“The actual destruction of this area was brought home to me one day when bulldozers arrived and ripped out the young wood directly in front of my home, that’s the patch of earth behind me in the picture. The waste of it all was that they were taken away on trucks to further south on the estate and just buried in a hole that they had dug the previous day.

They now have problems with water lying there and they wonder why; trees drink lots of water.

This is just one example of the destruction, they also wish to destroy my home, which my husband and myself have spent years extending through our married life and has become part of us, it’s like our baby.  We have built it with our own hands, it has our blood sweat and tears in the walls. It’s part of us and cannot be replaced as it is a one off, like each and every person is.”