Susan Munro, Leyton Cottage. 

"My family and I have lived in Leyton Cottage for nearly three decades. This is where we brought up our two boys Murdo and Finlay. We’ve expanded our home over the years. When we moved in it was a but ‘n’ ben, but we saw the potential and, like everyone who visits Menie, we fell in love with the location.

There is now a large bank of sand and road in front of our home which obscures the view and stops us from seeing our neighbours, Mike, Sheila and Molly.

I know Menie like the back of my hand, the wild flowers that grow, the way the dome moved, the beach, it’s just absolutely gorgeous. You don’t walk a dog every day for 28 years without knowing every kink in the landscape. Of course, now we can’t get to the beach. Menie has become a building site. It breaks my heart. No-one’s going to have access to Menie it’s going to be a private development and it doesn’t seem to be about golf at all it’s about housing.”