Photos and text Giles Clarke, assisted by Lawrence Sumulong.
Angola is home to 6,200 inmates, 83 of them on Death Row. There are 1,600 staff members overseeing operations. According to Louisiana State Penitentiary PR Director Gary Young, "On any given Sunday in October (or Saturday in April), there are approximately 160 offenders that participate in the event. There is no limit on how many can participate in each rodeo, however there are certain events [where] there are more requests to participate than available slots allow. All applicants are accepted as long as they meet certain requirements, such as medical standards. They also have to be medium or minimum custody. No maximum custody are allowed to participate. All applicants are screened by security to ensure that they pose no security risk. There are approximately 1,500 offenders that participate in arts, crafts, bands and food support."