Prints For Wildlife

Fundraiser for African Parks

The globally successful Prints for Wildlife print sale fundraiser is back. Created by Dutch photographer Pie Aerts and Austrian photographer Marion Payr in 2020 as a response to the global pandemic, which had a devastating effect on wildlife, conservation projects, tourism and communities across Africa, the first two editions of the print sales raised more than $1.75 million dollars for conservation non-profit organization African Parks. Prints for Wildlife’s third outing launched on August 28, with limited numbers of prints available for $100 from over 130 photographers.

With nearly 50 per cent of Africa’s landmass suffering degradation, and the rapidly increasing effects that biodiversity loss has on the climate crisis, the money will help African Parks with their mission to help safeguard 30 million hectares of Africa’s protected areas, contributing to the global target of protecting 30 per cent of nature on Earth by 2030. The charity is aiming to look after 30 parks by 2030.