Kevin Cummins: Manchester: So Much To Answer For


Morrissey. Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester, September, 1983 © Kevin Cummins

I've just about stopped panting enough to write about Proud Galleries' new exhibition of The Smiths by Kevin Cummins this week. The Smiths have the biggest place in my heart that a band has ever occupied, and Kevin Cummins has a place in my heart for making my first day in the photo biz, back in 1989, mounting transparencies into cardboard and writing his name by hand, just that bit less boring.

Manchester: So Much To Answer For, opens at Proud Camden, June 1st to July 15th 2012. I trust my London pals will be sure to go see this and let me know how great it was.

Proud Galleries have been doing the 80s, and music in general, well, proud!


Morrissey. Jones Beach, Long Island, New York, July 1991 © Kevin Cummins


The Smiths. Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester, September 1983 © Kevin Cummins


Smiths Fans. Salford. September 1988 © Kevin Cummins

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