Mabry Campbell: Light Transitions

 Walking On Glass, Göteborg, Sweden, 2013 © Mabry Campbell
All images © Mabry Campbell, Courtesy of Catherine Couturier

 Floating my boat are many of the gorgeous images from Mabry Campbell which will be on exhibit, and for sale at reasonable prices, at Catherine Couturier Gallery, Houston, Texas, from September 8th - October 13th, 2018. 

"Mabry Campbell is a fine art photographer from Houston, Texas who is internationally known for his fine art and architecture photography of iconic Houston landmarks and locations around the globe. He works primarily in black & white fused primarily with long exposures to create images of an altered reality shaped both by his vision and his desire to impress an initial moment of confusion upon the viewer. For Campbell, his goal is to amplify inherent qualities in forms to create images with suggested emotion and heightened visual presence - to make images that are removed from reality as far as possible without compromising the essence of the object matter."


Honoring I - The Time Dynamic - James Turrell Houston, Texas, 2015

Enter Performing Arts, Houston, Texas, 2013

Chapel of Thanks-Giving No. 3, Dallas, Texas, 2017

Chapel of St. Basil No. 2, Houston, Texas, 2011

Between Two Towers, Houston, Texas, 2018

Chapel of St. Basil No. 6, Houston, Texas, 2011

The Atalaya, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2015

Genesis V - Gus Wortham Memorial Fountain, Houston, Texas, 2015
All images © Mabry Campbell, Courtesy of Catherine Couturier

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