Dr. Helen Taussig

Karsh_Taussig_Helen.jpgI have a treasured role representing the Karsh estate for licensing. Every day I get to look at his incredible archive and grant rights to publish his work. Today I'm looking at Dr. Helen Taussig, who basically founded pediatric cardiology and, alongside Dr Alfred Blalock at Johns Hopkins Hospital, came up with a cure for 'blue baby syndrome'. One of the colleges at Johns Hopkins in the School of Medicine has been named in her honor and the students would like to hang a copy in their college room so we gave permission and sent a TIFF file. I too love this warm portrait of Dr Taussig. Our portrait of Dr Blalock features the good man smoking a cigarette. Those were the days!

Dr. Helen Taussig, 1975 © Yousuf Karsh

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