iPad: No Flash? We thought you were kidding


What no Flash? Really? Come on photographers, make some noise, like bigflannel is doing:

"I am an award winning photography and magazine website designer (Webby, PDN, Communication Arts). I am personally invested in Flash because it is the best solution for providing media rich websites. I don't mean video, I mean combinations of media, multimedia in fact -on the same canvas (video, images, text). This is what an online magazine will be. This is what the web offers over print. Mixed media, beautifully laid out and ready to share.

I have been watching the iPad and its development for some time. It's clear it is an important device for the publishing industry. There are arguments for and against its value etc., but it is important.

To the moment and a call to action. The iPad does not support Flash. Aside from my personal investment in it running Flash (all my client websites, my 10 years of experience etc.) I think all photographers should be invested in making the Apple iPad run Flash.

HTML5 does not offer the same level of support for building multimedia websites as Flash. Apple are not telling the truth regards its ability to fulfill what flash does (and focusing more on its use as video player than a multimedia canvas).  HTML5 supports media as a plugin to a word led, structured and dominated page. The New York Times pronounces professional photography is dead (how long until professional journalism is dead?). I once commented on A Photo Editor about the fact that an image is not even worth a word (let alone a 1000) in the world of search engines and potentially is spam and malicious. A Photo Folio, Live Books and every decent photographer website is built in Flash. Every beautiful website where photography forms the backbone of the site structure is built in Flash.

Photographers need to be howling at Apple. Apple are reducing the importance of images and media, dumbing down users, allying themselves to a world where words are more important than images. Not withstanding the fact that virtually every photographer is going to have to redo their website (an unnecessary cost). Apple are doing this to support their video format, not because flash is inherently bad (it is not perfect, but not perfect does most people very well - Windows for example). The issue is not Flash, the issue is Apple, its video format, and iTunes store revenue stream. Photographers have supported Apple by using their hardware with Adobe software long before the iPod, iPad or any mainstream product came from them. Apple are returning the favor by fucking Adobe and photographers with a heavy stick to promote their own video format, iTunes revenue and profit. Why are photographers so quiet?" - Mike Hartley, bigflannel web design.

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