Gered Mankowitz

Our good friends at Snap Galleries are excited about the new exhibition which just opened in their London Piccadilly space and runs through November 6th.

Says gallery director Guy White "After one of the busiest weeks I can remember, our new Jimi Hendrix exhibition is up on the walls, and looks magnificent. I can say with some confidence that it is one of the finest collections we have had the pleasure to display. I still can't believe that we are the first gallery anywhere in the world to host a solo exhibition of work from Gered Mankowitz' Jimi Hendrix archives.

And by a simple twist of fate, our gallery premises are the exact same location where Gered's father, Wolf Mankowitz, set up the Mankowitz family business, dealing in antique Wedgwood china, in the late 1940s."

As well as prints for sale there's also a book available in conjunction with the exhibition.

Jimi Hendrix © Gered Mankowitz

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