Robyn Twomey: Medicine


Robyn Twomey is a great editorial and fine art photographer from the Bay Area whose first solo exhibition, a series about users of medical marijuana, opens March 3rd, 2011, at Patricia Sweetow Gallery in downtown San Francisco. Maybe one day when New York grows up we too will be able to treat our sick neighbours with the magical weed.

"In the fall of 2009, Twomey was on assignment with Fortune Magazine covering the medicinal marijuana gold rush in California for the article, Medical Marijuana's High Society. While photographing behind the scenes at the dispensaries, she met 19 year-old Jordan Mays, a medical marijuana client who has a rare form of leukemia. Though not originally part of the assignment, the photo editor of Fortune Magazine encouraged Robyn to accompany Jordan to his house and photograph him. Thus began the journey for Robyn into the personal stories of Medical Marijuana prescription patients from Harborside Healthcare in Oakland, CA. Robyn has photographed over 30 clients, with an array of stories; the large-scale portraits are staged in the client's environment while each administers their medication. The photographs give voice to the diversity of those who rely on cannabis for relief, despite the frail legal framework, and the menacing social stigma."

Ann, Jordan, Catrina and Karen © Robyn Twomey


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