Snap Galleries: Abbey Road Sessions


Not only are our friends at Snap Galleries exhibiting my friend and long-time business partner Michael Putland's Triptychs this month (nice amount of press guys!), they're also showing Iain MacMillan's Abbey Road Beatles session, and offering the rare prints as a set. Evidently, owner Guy White busted out his loupe:

"One of my favourites is a mysterious lady in a purple top who appears deep in the shadows on three of the six frames. Who was she? She probably doesn't even know that she was there that day - but someone will know who she is. During our research, we have discovered a dozen other bystanders, just like her. It's fascinating to me to think that if a different frame had been chosen as the cover, some of these other characters might have been on the album sleeve. It's also interesting to have a set of photographs with the actual frame numbers visible, so we can establish with absolute certainty the order of the images."

The full story plus an online catalogue can be viewed on Snap's website but of course if you're in London you must go and see in person.

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