Gina LeVay: Bull Fight


Gina LeVay has always impressed me, ever since as a youngster she tipped up in my office with a bunch of contact sheets of Morgan Spurlock around the time of 'Super Size Me'. Gina has gamely tackled New York City's underground Sandhogs, the guys who drilled our city's water tunnel (featured in the launch of aCurator magazine) and is working on her (sadly, ongoing) 'American Widow Project'.

Her latest exhibition is from the project on female bull fighters she executed in Spain and Mexico over the past 5 years, portraying elegance in a brutal circus. "I was curious to meet the few tenacious young women who have upended centuries of tradition by penetrating the antiquated, machismo world of bullfighting."

More info at Hous Projects, where the exhibition opens on May 5th and runs through June 25th.

I'm squeamish, so I chose a few images that do not show any pierced flesh.



All images © Gina LeVay

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