Barry Goldwater


Senator Barry Goldwater, 1963 © Yousuf Karsh

Out of the corner of the eye I keep on Twitter I noticed my photo-network-pal Pete Brook mention Barry Goldwater. I followed his link through to The Photo Exchange and from there to the Barry Goldwater Photographs website; he was an avid and talented photographer, and all of Goldwater's four children spent time in his darkroom during their childhood.

The senator's estate published a book, "The Eyes of His Soul, The Visual Legacy of Barry M. Goldwater, Master Photographer (2003)" and on its web page Goldwater's son, Michael, writes "Famed photographer Yousuf Karsh, on assignment for Life Magazine, arrived at our home in Phoenix during the 1964 presidential campaign and spent three days surveying sites and checking the light without clicking the shutter once until the last day. The photographs were beautiful. Dad told me later that I had just learned an important lesson from a Master Photographer that he greatly admired."

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