Baron Wolman Rocks

Pete-Townshend-Baron_Wolman.jpgAt this year's Classic Rock Magazine annual award ceremony for contribution to the rock music industry, my great friend and colleague Baron Wolman was given a VIP Award. This was the first time it had been given to a photographer. When we last spoke, he hadn't decided on his acceptance speech but by that night he'd nailed it: According to Dave Brolan, Baron said he couldn't understand how Pete Townshend could smash his guitar, but saw how great he looked and that he's always wanted to do it. So he threw a camera onto the stage and it smashed... the place went wild, Pete came over and said "Well done!" and that he'd always liked his photos. They hugged & posed for pictures.  This is how rock history is made!

IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS the premium editions of Baron's book are running low. Go get one now and make someone's Christmas.

Pete Townshend © Baron Wolman

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