Dirk Anschütz: Soccer

Dirk_Anschutz_soccer_03.jpg The ever-entertaining Dirk Anschütz has a new post on his Heavy Light blog about a shoot he did with his football mates (soccer buddies) 'Chinatown Ballers - The Miracle on Turf': "Some of the regular highlights of my New York existence are the amateur soccer games I play in Chinatown. Some fellow kickers and I started to get together quite a long time ago for a midweek pick-up game on a 7-a-side pitch at the edge of Barrio Chino. The game proved to be very robust and survived the cold winters, hot summers, stretches of low popularity, stretches of too much popularity, and many personnel changes for over a decade now. Even though soccer has its fair share of whiners, complainers, braggers, spoiled brats, bullies, people teetering dangerously close to sanity, as well as people that are all of the above, we managed to keep the game clean, competitive, friendly and fair." Read the back-story.
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