Last Days of the Arctic


Masauna Kristiansen with whip, Inglefield Fjord, North Greenland 1987 © Ragnar Axelsson

A new show opens next week at Proud UK's Chelsea gallery. A little different to the usual, 'Last Days of the Arctic' features photographs by Ragnar Axelsson of the Inuit.


Girl in a swing, Tiniteqilaaq, East Greenland 1997 © Ragnar Axelsson

"This is a moving and insightful photographic portrait of a disappearing landscape and its Inuit people. As the world turns its gaze toward the Arctic; the landscape whose inhabitants have done the least to cause climate change is where the devastating effects are most visible. Their ancient culture is set to become extinct; the probability of these communities continuing to live traditionally is becoming increasingly unlikely. In his native Iceland, Ragnar looked at the fisherman and farmers of remote villages and thought if he did not photograph them, then no one would know they ever existed. It is this thought that has led to this unique body of work captured in Greenland, with unprecedented access to a community that rarely let outsiders in."

Exhibition runs from 26th January - 11th March 2012 - not to be missed!


Little Bent with puppy, Kap Hope (Itterajivit), East Greenland 1995 © Ragnar Axelsson


Polar bear skin, Ittoqqortoormiit, East Greenland 1996 © Ragnar Axelsson
All images courtesy Proud Gallery

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