Azhar Chougle


Exchange Rate, 2012 © Azhar Chougle

Here's a cheeky little series from shockingly young, Indian-born, Brooklyn-dwelling, SVA photography grad Azhar Chougle : 'Unfamiliar Moments Across the Atlantic.'

"America, in my mind, maintains an amusing state of irony and indecisiveness. These photographs serve as a reflection of my own alienation, frustration and intrigue as I adapt to its atmosphere. Examining random encounters with the American image, the results are a baffling and bizarre recreation of a culture overlaid by a foreigner's perception."


Preventive Care, 2012

"The portrait I paint of America is an honest and playfully critical inspection that describes the way in which I relate to where I find myself."


American Spirit, 2011


Modernization, 2011. All images © Azhar Chougle

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