Sean Lotman


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Sean Lotman is a native of Los Angeles residing in Kyoto. "I am drawn to individuals who, lacking means and opportunity, nevertheless convey a poignant dignity."


"They say power is seductive but in my travels I've often been drawn to the social underdog. It's easy to forget in our fast-paced, high-tech lives, how many of us struggle to make ends meet. But such striving does not go for naught, often making the man, transforming an underdog into a talented, multifaceted individual... We're talking a kind of person who can fix a bicycle chain, remove a carburetor, tune a guitar, make a fire, and speak two or three languages despite dropping out of school at the age of twelve. Many walk the fine line between chaos and order on two dollars a day and for all that economic repression, stay sane and start a family too. I've been awfully fortunate to not only meet these hardy individuals but to take their portraits as well."



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