Project Lives: New York Public Housing Residents Photograph Their World


From Project Lives, published by powerHouse Books, image © Margarita Colon 

The photographs making up the new powerHouse book Project Lives were created by residents of New York's housing projects. They learned about photography in an intensive 12 week course, and set out to document their lives. "This is photography from the inside out." The new photographers featured include Marcy Morales, 72, living in public housing for 30+ years who says "It's not where you are being raised, it's how you raise your kids, right?"; and Jared Wellington, 12, who says "I try to find myself in the photos... My mom used to live here when she was younger, and played on the same basketball courts I play on now." The newly discovered artists were given single-use film cameras and set free to record their own experiences of living in the city's seemingly never-improving housing. 

The program was instigated by photographers and educators George Carrano, Chelsea Davis, and Jonathan Fisher. The book includes some wonderful full page photos, commentary, and a ton of NYCHA facts (like the 422,639 backlogged repair requests.) Read more and buy a copy over at powerHouse.


© Jared Wellington


© Elodie Jean-Baptiste


© Aaliyah Colon


© Alina Navarro


© Sheik Bacchus


© Margaret Wells

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