© Christine Burrill, courtesy 151ArtsBrownstone

'Uprising Los Angeles' features photo collages made by Christine Burrill, a Los Angeles-based cinematographer and photographer. Being hosted by a new arts space in Harlem, 151ArtsBrownstone, the exhibition highlights Burrill's images of the aftermath of the 1992 LA riots. The exhibition is being held in honor of the 20th anniversary of the events that took place following the Rodney King trial.

"Burrill began working with photo collage after she read an article on David Hockney in The New Yorker in 1983. She was taken with his methods and set out to replicate what he called "separate glimpses" of the same subject. Burrill's impressive photo collages are made up of over a hundred 4x6 images that have been layered digitally then printed as a single image on archival paper. The exhibition presents a range of subject matter­­­: would-be gang girls flashing victory signs, empty shells of stores, elegant African-American churchgoers displaying resolve after Sunday service, a Korean family sweeping up the remains of their store, and a dismayed Latino cop standing quietly among by wreckage. The images feel remarkably current, invoking the pathos, and lurking potential, for violence in communities plagued by injustice."


© Christine Burrill, courtesy 151ArtsBrownstone

'Uprising Los Angeles' opens on Thursday, October 11th and will remain on view through December 2nd.


Something for the weekend? aCurator favourite Dirk Anschütz will be in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.

"Following the popularity of last year's foto/pods deployment, and the runaway success of Photoville, United Photo Industries returns to the DUMBO Arts Festival with foto/pods 2012 - a hamlet of shipping container exhibitions, tents, outdoor projections and much much more along a strip on Main Street, DUMBO."

At Photoville, Dirk's series 'Giddy Up' was laid out among other great work on 'the fence,' and for UPI's next installation, he'll be showing prints from "Upstream Brooklyn," a portrait series of Brooklyners with severe physical and cognitive/developmental disabilities.

I really enjoyed Photoville, and it was a bonus for me that it was spelled with a Ph. But this is a hamlet, so + points for that. Anyway, I love Dirk and Dirk's work so if you're local go check it out.


News in from our friends at Snap Galleries in London. "In the gallery for the next four weeks, ending 13 October 2012, we'll be displaying a selection of double page spreads from I saw Nick Drake mounted on the walls. We are showing just over 50% of the book up on the walls, life-size, with each spread measuring a whopping 24 x 36 inches / 60 x 90 cm. When you come to the gallery, you get a sense of the scale of this incredible book."


"Keith Morris's archive is the single most important source of photographs of Nick Drake, with Keith photographing Nick Drake for all three of his albums over a two and a half year period from April 1969 to November 1971. Tragically, Keith died in a scuba diving accident in 2005 but his legacy lives on through his incredible archive of photographs." Read more over at Snap's website.


Images courtesy Snap Galleries

Steve Pyke photographing Buzz Aldrin

Who would not be excited to be on the receiving end of an email like this one from the supreme Steve Pyke?

"Dear Friends, I am writing to introduce you to a project I am involved in with NASA in Houston. It's an exhibition of my portraits of the men that walked on the moon. This is to coincide with the screening there of the documentary Moonbug" by filmmaker Nichola Bruce.

It will be an independent exhibition for NASA's Johnson Space Centre of photography, film and archive of the Apollo astronauts and lunar missions.

"To accompany the project we will be producing a beautiful, limited edition 112-page book of Steve's photographs, together with selected images of original NASA photography within the Fairley Archive, as well as postcards, posters, signed prints of the photographs and signed copies of both the film and soundtrack." (soundtrack by genius Matt Johnson of The The.)

I know it's all a bit fundy lately, but I try to only put quality projects in front of you.

Steve says he's in England digging astronaut portraits out of storage. I'm here to suggest you support the exhibition and accompanying book.  

Last foot on the moon (Gene Cernan), Houston, 1998 © Steve Pyke


The Isle of the Dead © Dave Walsh

If you're lucky enough to be in Dublin between now and September 29th, it looks as if you can't miss Dave Walsh's exhibition of polar photographs. As much as I love the back-lit screen, it seems redundant to say these must look spectacular in-person.


Petermann Glacier

And, Dave's story will add to your appreciation. He emailed me, saying "The images are mostly made on board Greenpeace ships to the Arctic and Antarctica over the last decade - but rather than being about activism, per se, they're more about how we idealize exotic, far away places. As the press release below says, my ethereal photographs of the unforgiving wilderness, wild animals and blue icebergs question our romantic relationship with remote, harsh and pristine environments. The images resonate with a quiet tension; all may not be right in the Garden of Eden."


Iceberg Cemetery

In the press release for the exhibition, at The Copper House Gallery, Walsh goes on to say, "While the frozen regions of our planet have the power to ignite imaginations, for most of the seven billion people on Earth, the Arctic and Antarctic remain abstract and unreachable. I've been lucky enough to voyage north and south by ship, to experience the serenity of the oceans and polar regions - and realise how finite our planet is."


Sleeping Giant

"Rapid change is taking place at the poles; CO2 emissions are contributing to the loss of Arctic sea ice, and melting ice caps are fueling sea level rise. We are starting to grasp how badly we are fouling the nest, and how our acts have repercussions elsewhere. The future of the Arctic and Antarctic is intertwined with our own - through my photography, I want to make people not only fall in love with their home planet, but to start giving a damn and to take action to protect it."


Arctic Tern Hovering

So, shout-out to Dubliners! Go see!


Sleeping Walrus All images © Dave Walsh


© Laurie Griffiths

I love Brighton, a seaside town in my home country of England. And, I love students. Here is the related news.

"A collection of work by 15 photographic artists goes on show from September 14 - 21, 2012 as part of the Photography MA at the University of Brighton. The exhibition 'Déjà Vu' showcases emerging and established international talent and multiple award winners of high-profile competitions including the London Photography Festival, 2011 East-West Art Award, 1000 Words European Photography Award, The BookCase Study Publication Award. The catalogue, which will be available both at the exhibition and online at the App store will feature images from each artist and an essay by Joanna Lowry, MA Photography Course Leader." (Read it here.)

"The course has a reputation for developing an informed practice in contemporary independent photography, combined with high levels of craftsmanship and a conceptual depth that gives the resulting work an intensity, professionalism and edginess that is distinctive. This is a fantastic opportunity to see progressive photographic-based work in the heart of Brighton before it travels further afield."

So, if you're fortunate enough to be around, head to the University of Brighton Foyer Gallery, Grand Parade, Brighton. Chuck a pebble into the sea for me.


© Chloe Lelliott


© Virgilio Ferreira

© Vanessa Roy


I so happily stumbled upon this open-air exhibition when in London for a few days just after the Olympics, with London pretty much universally in a post-games, pre-Paralympics glow. Seventy-eight of photojournalist Tom Stoddart's signature black and white pictures are on display at More London Riverside, between City Hall and HMS Belfast, through September 11th, 2012.

"The world's nations are joined together in a wonderful sporting festival whose motto is 'swifter, higher, stronger'. I hope that people visiting the exhibition will leave with a greater determination to understand and help those with little access to clean water, food and medicines who, through no fault of their own, cannot run more swiftly, jump higher or be stronger." Tom Stoddart.



Perspectives has been created with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC, featuring photographs taken by Tom Stoddart for the Health Care in Danger campaign.


Original photographs © Tom Stoddart. Exhibition shots © Julie Grahame

Thanks go to enthusiastic photographer and educator Gilvanio Bragagnolo for talking me through the exhibition and recording me for the 78Perspectives Visitor Feedback!


Setting up before the rain, Friday June 23rd, Brooklyn. Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo

Photoville opened this past, steamy weekend. The festival features some 30 shipping containers showing mini-exhibitions curated by some great people and organizations, with photographs hung using various creative methods. The other rather wonderful element is the quality of talks and presentations being hosted. Happily, I will be one of the talkers this coming weekend, on June 30th, where I am thrilled to be hosted by Rock Paper Photo with two of their photographers - my long-term colleague and dear friend Baron Wolman, and the impressive, prolific, relative-newbie,  Anna Webber. Join us at 1.30 pm for "Beyond the Picture: The Art of Selling Music Photography" What does it take for music and entertainment photographers to successfully market and sell their work?

Photoville and all the talks are FREE so come on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park. We'll see you on Saturday!

"Blinded By The Light" Rock Paper Photo's container, packed with great music photography.


From Biggie and Tupac... (by Chi Modu)


...to Hendrix and Joplin (by Baron Wolman)
All images Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo


A new exhibition opens today at the Morgan Library in midtown Manhattan. 'Churchill: The Power Of Words' includes "...Victorian childhood letters to his parents, to Cold War correspondence with President Eisenhower, and featuring some of his most famous wartime oratory." We are proud that the Morgan and their associates at the Churchill Archives in Britain selected Karsh's most famous, most reproduced photograph of the great man, to represent this show. In conjunction with the exhibition, the Morgan and the Churchill Archives Centre have also launched the Discover Churchill website.


Morrissey. Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester, September, 1983 © Kevin Cummins

I've just about stopped panting enough to write about Proud Galleries' new exhibition of The Smiths by Kevin Cummins this week. The Smiths have the biggest place in my heart that a band has ever occupied, and Kevin Cummins has a place in my heart for making my first day in the photo biz, back in 1989, mounting transparencies into cardboard and writing his name by hand, just that bit less boring.

Manchester: So Much To Answer For, opens at Proud Camden, June 1st to July 15th 2012. I trust my London pals will be sure to go see this and let me know how great it was.

Proud Galleries have been doing the 80s, and music in general, well, proud!


Morrissey. Jones Beach, Long Island, New York, July 1991 © Kevin Cummins


The Smiths. Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester, September 1983 © Kevin Cummins


Smiths Fans. Salford. September 1988 © Kevin Cummins

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