In June 2009 Vanity Fair published Karsh's portrait of Bernard Madoff. Prints belonging to Madoff's secretary are being auctioned online at Artnet.

Bernard Madoff, 1988 © Yousuf Karsh

From September 6th to October 11th 2009, Gallery Carla Sozzani in Milan is showing an exhibition of Karsh prints. Among the subjects: Muhammad Ali; W.H.Auden;  Brigitte Bardot; Alexandre Calder; Jean Cocteau; Jacques Cousteau; Anita Ekberg; Augustus John; Le Corbusier; Marcel Marceau; Anna Eleanor Roosevelt; John Steinbeck; Ravi Shankar; Michael Collins; Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and many more.

Visitor review: 'The exhibition was great, some classics and a few images I had not seen before. Fantastic gallery (extraordinary natural light) which was part of a larger "complex" including a bespoke hotel, bar, restaurant, bookstore, terrace and designer clothing shops for guys and gals, all owned and run by the gallery owner Ms Sozzani.'

Joan Baez, 1970 © Yousuf Karsh

Eunice Shriver Kennedy, sister of JFK, also died in August 2009. She was photographed with her husband, Sargent Shriver, in 1962.

Eunice and Sargent Shriver, 1962 © Yousuf Karsh

Ted (Edward) Kennedy died on August 25th 2009.

Yousuf Karsh photographed him in 1968, having photographed JFK in 1957 and 1960, and Robert (Bobby) Kennedy in 1962.

Edward Kennedy, 1962 © Yousuf Karsh

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