My prolific pal Jiri Rezac put together a new gallery of his photographs of London taken in the wee hours over the past six years.

"As this city never sleeps, these pictures took several years to complete and involved two Christmas Days, many early mornings, all-night scouting trips and countless missed opportunities... It is the absence of life that makes these otherwise ordinary images into something special."

See more on his Empty London website.

Heidi Lender is a "fashion-writer-turned-photographer from San Francisco". She's been busy since quitting the writing, spending six years part-time in India studying yoga, and now spending half her time in Northern California, half in Uruguay. 

Kumbh Mela is a mass pilgrimage where Hindus gather at the Ganges, and I just love this fun vibrant series from Heidi. Check out her other work, including the interesting self-portrait series 'Once Upon' - "Stand on a bench. Make sure it's Monday. Wear something pretty."

Babas and Pilgrims © Heidi Lender





Helena V contacted me about her simple but clever project The Museum of Messages. The images are organized into separate collections, such as Political, Scary and Loving Messages.

"The Museum of Messages, which began in 1999, are photographs of messages that people write in urban landscapes about the environment, love, politics, humor, fear, expression, loyalty and more. As an artist I think it is very important to document these visual voices because people are attempting to publicize their thoughts for others to read, think and learn. Since these words don't have a very long life span, because city crews clean up these expressions, I feel that it is my duty to document these words so I can exhibit and publish them for others to appreciate."



All images New York City, 2008 © Helena V. Photo


Today at The Heavy Light, Dirk Anschütz' blog, is an article about photographer Claudia Hehr.

"Claudia Hehr is a young, talented New York-based photographer transitioning from assisting to shooting full time. Obviously never an easy step, it is probably even harder in these tough times of ours. A great thing to do for a young photographer (or an old one, for that matter) is, to work on a good project. Hone your craft, build a showpiece and be a good human being, and that's exactly what Claudia Hehr did with NAKED, her beautiful, unflinching reportage about a woman's struggle with breast cancer." - Dirk.

The series works so well because it avoids sensationalism and voyeurism, simply depicting the reality of that which we all fear.

© Claudia Hehr


Sandstone Wall, Moab Canyon, UT, 2009 Copyright © 2010 Huntingon Witherill

I was introduced to the work of Huntington Witherill by photographer Nick Gleis and I spent way too long on his website, which is not only rich with images but is also an engaging read. A snippet from Huntington's bio:

Having studied photography in the early 1970's with such notables as Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Steve Crouch and Al Weber, Witherill has remained faithful to his classical photographic training while progressively transitioning toward a more contemporary approach to the medium. Since 1970, his work has been featured in more than one-hundred individual and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world.

Since 1975, he has also taught photography for a variety of institutions and workshop programs throughout the United States, including the University of California, the Friends of Photography, the Center for Photograpic Art, the Oklahoma Arts Institute, and the Ansel Adams Gallery.

His next exhibition opens on October 22nd at Verve Gallery in Santa Fe.


Rock Forms, Salt Point, CA, 2009


Sunrise, Zzyzx, CA, 2009


Bentonite Spires, Caineville, UT, 2009

All images Copyright © 2010 Huntington Witherill


The gorgeous work of lovely M. Sharkey got a makeover when he launched his new website this week. Fresh navigation does a great job displaying his galleries and aCurator is always pleased to see big images online. Sharkey's Queer Kids feature remains the most popular aCurator story to-date.

Thom Browne © M. Sharkey


Joe Gato is a Cuban-born photographer living and working in South Beach. Joe submitted images for consideration and I love this photograph from his personal work.

It's a fun visit so take a trip to Joe's website - his behind-the-scenes ballet images are enchanting.

Edifice © Joe Gato


Sometimes an ex-pat finds herself in the company of a whole new set of people, uncovering shared experiences. Jason Florio and Helen Jones trumped all last night at their dinner table where I chatted with an Englishman who, it turns out, went to the same school as me, same gigs, same clubs, same Nick Cave book signing... Omar Mullick is not only from my original 'hood, he's also a great photographer and a videographer too, just back from filming in Pakistan. 

© Omar Mullick from the series 'Can't Take It With You'

Myriam Babin sent out a newsletter today about her trip to London: cream teas at Fortnum and Mason, boiled eggs with soldiers... and now I'm feeling homesick. Someone get me a slice of Victoria sponge!

Rezac_OrientVenusBoarding8JUL10_4.jpgJiri Rezac proposed his tar sands story to me shortly after the magazine launched, from London where he's based, and it was obvious the story would make a fascinating full screen photo feature. We met for coffee in New York during a brief pause in his schedule and nattered for as long as we could. He was shooting a green technology project in Mumbai, Shanghai and Hong Kong and about to nip off to Brooklyn for a portrait. Since we met, I've realized how little I know, and how little I do. Jiri has barely been at home and I was wide-eyed learning that he was off on the Rainbow Warrior for two weeks with Greenpeace. He's a workhorse, and a really sweet and humble man.

© Jiri Rezac

Greenpeace 1 - Israel 0

"In the spirit of the current world cup fever, my good friends at Greenpeace scored the first goal this morning by stopping a coal shipment into Israel. Boarding the 290 metre long Orient Venus at the crack of dawn, the operation went smooth as clockwork: three activists were on board within minutes, and pictures travelled to the world's media without a hitch in time for the breakfast news in Europe. Life could hardly be better here on board the Rainbow Warrior right now..." Jiri Rezac, July 8, 2010



All images © Jiri Rezac

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