'The Who' is a difficult search to perform online, for obvious reasons. Today I celebrate my The Who website making it to page one of a Google image search.

Keith Moon, 1973 © Michael Putland


Niels is by far my favourite Dutch photographer living in Bogotá. A proficient and prolific shooter his work ranges from commercials to musicians to a series on the indigenous populations of Colombia, Guatemala and Fiji. Consequently, his Photo of the Month email is always a pleasure to receive, so subscribe.

Pritt ad, 2009 photo © Niels Van Iperen


Michael Putland took this photo of Bob Marley, Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh backstage at a Rolling Stones concert in New York in 1978. Tosh was an opening act on some of this US tour, and dueted with Jagger on 'Don't Look Back' (put on your shoes!) It's probably my favourite Putland pic and is one of his best sellers.

Bob Marley, Mick Jagger, Peter Tosh © Michael Putland


I first met Adam Sherwin at a portfolio review a year or so ago. I challenge anyone in his company to not get caught up in his enthusiasm. Adam is not only a great young photographer, he's also proactive in his local photo scene.

Images from the series he made in Nairobi were exhibited last year at Drive In Studios, with proceeds from print sales going to benefit the Kids For Tomorrow Foundation, in keeping with Adam's general demeanour.



All images © Adam Sherwin

New to the Nikon USA website is their thoroughly enjoyable interview with Baron Wolman. Baron met Jann Wenner in 1967 and became Rolling Stone's first contributing photographer. There's a gallery of 17 images, including classic Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia, as well as a couple of his stunning aerial photos. 

This shot of Joplin would appear to be a live gig, and was actually taken in Baron's studio during what he came to refer to as his 'concert for one'. "And that's the way it was in the late '60s in San Francisco. You needed photos of Janis Joplin, you called her up and she came over." Read more!

Janis Joplin © Baron Wolman


The framed prints that got left behind in Herman Leonard's New Orleans studio during Hurricane Katrina are really moving when you see the effects of the water on the image. Herman is releasing a series of prints of Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughan, with a donation from each sale going to the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic. Visit Herman's website for more on this and lots of other news.


Of his new body of work, 'War Paint', Gerald Mocarsky says "I want to embrace the physical signs of aging that evolve along with emotional and spiritual maturity."

Marelise #1 © Gerald Mocarsky

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